Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Free Samples

In a discussion earlier tonight with a few other artisans the topic of how frequently we may be ask to provide free samples to various outlets came up.No one has a problem giving occassionally to a favorite charity or for a good cause.There may also be times when we would like an expert opinion to boost the image of our products;but no one should be offended if we have to decline.We are after all just artisans,an occupational choice that has made very few well off and we too have to survive in this downtrodden economy.Large corporations set aside a specific amount of free product for a fiscal year.When that amount has been reached, to bad; they may put you on a list for next year, or not.Fall is a difficult time for many,there are school costs recurring,craftsmen are trying to increase thier inventory for the christmas season and all your other expenses start to rise as winter slowly descends.Many craftpersons depend on christmas to keep thier small mom and pop shops going,it becomes our internet tourist season and we all keep our fingers crossed that our studios will be found,enjoyed and utilized.Being approached is anticipated by every business but do so with respect,be glad if you're offered a gift certificate,or discount ;and if you repetativly ask over and over again frequently,expect the same courtesy you are extending.I personally set aside a specific amount of product and funds in the way of discounts in my studios,and when that amount is utilized,I'm afraid you might have to be put on list for next year.

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