Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Recently on artfire they have given members the ability to create collections of artisans products within a specific theme.The activity this has initiated is tremendous.There are so many collections already pink ones,cold ones, bold ones,serene oes.The possibilities are endless and so is the creativity of the members.This could be because all the members are very creative to begin with or it could be a new toy syndrome.Whatever the reason the collections are beautiful and I strongly suggest you look them over.The Firestalkers guild collection is GREAT!!Check it out.


  1. I began a 'Friendship Collection' in my jewellery shops to honour those people who have had an impact on my life. Any of the items in my shops that have been named after 'a girl' are part of that my collection.

    Faye of Woodcot Designs

  2. For a blogging newbie, you are doing very well. I read your posts on Zibbet and am now following you. As far as your July post on wanting suggestions, I personally LOVE ♥♥♥s! Come visit my blog!