Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Favorite Christmas Tree

 Sitting here in the quiet tonight and letting my thoughts ramble.There are a few memories that keep cropping up,some not so good and others that bring a warmth;to my heart.One such memory, is about thirty years old.It's not exciting and has no great ahah moment,but I think it's one that will last all my life;at least I hope so.I have had the great good fortune to have three  sons that I love with every fibre of my being.They have not been perfect,nor have I ;but we have a connection nothing could seperate. Any how ,that Christmas their father and I had not purchased the tree yet and the boys were chomping at the bit to do so.We knew they were busy at school making those gifts we put away at the first opportunity.We weren't concerned as we caught them huddled together scheming, part of our surprise!! A few days before school was to be let out for the holiday;I see my lads lugging a tree down the Avenue,about 6 ft long.I was a little concerned as to how they had aquired it.I found out someone in the area had just had his spruce tree topped and before he could dispose of it;my wheeler dealers had purchased the family tree for 10 cents.He had offered it for free but they would have none of that.I will never forget the pride and pleasure on those faces.That tree was trimmed and decorated and thoroughly enjoyed.We had nicer looking trees through out the years,but that tree will be the one etched into my heart all the days of my life.The year my boys were 6,8 and 10.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Sites

There are many new sites to view on Artfire,partly because of their offer of 5.95 a month and partly because many artisans are increasingly dissastisfied with another popular selling venue.Whatever the reason,it's goods to have as many creators of handmade goods as possible.We opened a new studio too,that will have home decor items.We started with our line of custom made fused glass cabinet handles and pulls.If you have decided to build or renovate,you all to quickly discover that about 1/3 of your kitchen costs is the cabinets.We encourage you to refinish where possible or just replace doors.Much more green effect on the environment.Get that WOW factor by ordering custom made handles and pulls;maybe even incorporate a few matching tiles in your backsplash.One thing for sure you will save a bunch of money.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Frazzled or Bedazzled

It is fast approaching one of the busiest seasons of the year.Fall, the days are shorter and so is your time to complete all the many items on your to do list.With the Thanksgiving holiday going off like a starters pistol,we all swing into high gear.The yards must be raked,mowed,furniture put away;before we glimpse that first beautiful and dreaded snowflake.If you've had a garden,now comes the canning and preserving of all your produce you can possibly muster.No rest for the farmers as harvest goes from daybreak till long after sunset.Atrists and crafters also work 26 hours in a 24 hour day.Desperatly trying to have enough product for the upcoming Christmas sales,,and praying it's the right product to get a sale.Any wonder we are all frazzled.Ok lets get bedazzled.Pick a time out of every day to give yourself and your signifigant other a "whew" time.If it's just sitting quietly with your feet up and a beverage in hand;Great.No money for a night on the town without offspring;no problem.If you got em put them to bed!Get a movie make somme popcorn,get into your jammies (both of you)Curl up with each other on the couch and unplug the phone.Relax,and enjoy the moment, for you will only get a moment.No discussing kids,money,appointments etc; in fact no talking would be better.soak in the quiet and love of each other and be grateful for this one precious moment shared.Wishing you all at least one bedazzling evening