Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pricing your creations

I have been actively following artisans for a while,as they wrestle with what is a fair price to charge customers.They really do have a hard time coming to terms with a suitable figure.There are after all many things to consider.There is the length of time to produce item,the cost of materials for the item,the time involved to promote your wares and that is only for on line shopping.If you have a brick and mortar location you now have a multitude of other expenses to consider and if you go to craft shows there are other expenses.The one thing that always comes up is their desire to give the customer a fair price while maintaining sales.Dilemma,dilemma and you could say that again.Possibly one of the statements I read,was that to consider a friend made it for you and determine how much you would pay a friend for their time and expertise.Maybe buyers could look at a purchase the same way,would you expect to have a friend make you something and then undervalue it ,because it was a friend?Odd expectation of friends wouldn't you think.We know this will be an ongoing deliberation.I have a more matter of fact approach.Most of my wares cannot be duplicated and are expected to last and give the reciever many years of pleasure;compare that to one stop at a burger place that will cost me $20.00 or more for a quick fix,and we all know where that will be the next day!Some questions will never have a specific answer for everyone,oh well.Onward and upward.If you have the answer please let all of us know.

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