Sunday, September 26, 2010

Running on empty

Lately I sometimes feel like I'm running on empty and could use a dose of high octane ?something.Seems like the faster I go the behinder I get and the harder I try the less results achieved.Now,I know I have not been singled out for this honor and everyone has the same problem at sometime;so for those of you sailing blissfully at present,take over it's your turn.HA HA!!.Woudn't that be grand to just take turns when you feel like it.You know,don't think I want to deal with problems this week so the neighbour can do it;or the bills are getting out of hand so I'll wait for $ from heaven to take care of it.Oh,don't we wish.There is always a new and improved version of anything and everything daily now;to improve our lives.The only real things that improve our lives is love of others,respect for individuals,faith in ourselves and those we are lucky enough to know and cherise.None of these will solve all our dilemma's but they might help us to get a firm stance so life can't knock us over easily.Well my feet are again firmly planted and I invite you do the same;for there will be a next round and we'll have to duke it out.Maybe we'll win,maybe not;but the doldrums are going to know they've been in a battle.Off to make something pretty,cause I can!! So can you.

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