Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Sites

There are many new sites to view on Artfire,partly because of their offer of 5.95 a month and partly because many artisans are increasingly dissastisfied with another popular selling venue.Whatever the reason,it's goods to have as many creators of handmade goods as possible.We opened a new studio too,that will have home decor items.We started with our line of custom made fused glass cabinet handles and pulls.If you have decided to build or renovate,you all to quickly discover that about 1/3 of your kitchen costs is the cabinets.We encourage you to refinish where possible or just replace doors.Much more green effect on the environment.Get that WOW factor by ordering custom made handles and pulls;maybe even incorporate a few matching tiles in your backsplash.One thing for sure you will save a bunch of money.

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